Fashion Week 2017

Reconstructing the fashion industry

Sunanda Chandry Koning by Trendpit

Fashion; a universal language everyone speaks. Fashion brings people together, which is a must in today’s society. It doesn’t just bring people together; this industry has a rich history and allows people to have a voice. Designers interpret the current world problems in their own way. January 2017’s Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam presented unity by means of different themes, designers and fashion shows. Cultural differences, fairy tales, ethnicity, true femininity, innovation and being bold are a few of the themes designers brought to the public’s attention. 

But what exactly is the meaning of fashion nowadays? Different interpretations on fashion identity were shown. Most importantly designers’ personal view on the identity of the fashion industry. Fashion can change, must change even. To make the industry beautiful, whole, innovative and fair again. Statements towards the Dutch fashion industry were made, especially by the newly born brand Re by Reconstructed. The young designers are the ones with the most powerful voice. Be BOLD was their message, because Dutch fashion lacks innovation. Giving them the opportunity to start a movement.   

 REconstruct by Trendpit

Edwin Oudshoorn and Alexandra Frida are two Dutch designers, both creating dreamy designs. They both put up a magical show reminding the public of fairy tales this season. A dream world people can escape to while watching the designers’ newest collection. Alexandra Frida adored the Arabian women and so, femininity. Edwin created a swan lake, including all white bridal designs a girl can dream of. 

Edwin Oudshoorn by Trendpit

Here we see a paradox, a clash between conservative designers running around the fashion business for years and newly born designers with a refreshing point of view.  On the one hand designers want the industry to stay the way it is now, meanwhile others want to change it for the better. Young creative designers prefer to make the world a more colourful playground, experimenting with different fabrics and styles. Using bold innovation, which Re by Reconstructed is an example off. The brand existing out of six fashion students, showed us this movement during the Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week. Sunanda Chandry Koning tried to bring everyone together using QR-codes and although we know that these don’t really work anymore, we do understand the idea. 

 Sunanda Chandry Koning by Trendpit

Each designer tries to focus on a different aspect within the fashion industry with their brand and collections. Clear though is that they all strive to bring unity onto the catwalk, either in a swan lake, QR codes or carnival-like creations.

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