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Cut-copy-paste generation: A generation, which is lost in a world where everything is possible, where you can do what you want and where you can take on different personalities.

The cut-copy-paste generation is caused by the blend of all kinds of different cultures and subculturees. Within our society new combinations are made continually and every year we see some new subcultures. Nothing is too crazy, taboos are broken and everything is possible. We are always looking for something new, something different something innovative. As a result our identity changes within time. But who or what is actually a man in this globalized urban society?


Image: Peter Stigter

Image: Peter Stigter

To this question Camiel Fortgens is answering with his latest collection KNOWN menswear philosophy. With this collection he went back to basic. The models wore garments everyone knows, a white shirt, regular jeans and white sneakers. Striking was the way the garments were finished, it was literally cut-and-paste. The shoes and pants were oversized. Too big, yet adapted to the models, actually applicable to any man. While the models (not big not small, not handsome not ugly, but very common) walked down the catwalk it was like they left the madhouse and found back their true identity.


With this collection Camiel Fortgens showed us that if we go back to basic, all men are originally the same. This raises questions, because do we still want to get lost in all that fashion has to offer? Or shall we go bak to basic and accept that a man is just a man.


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