Fashion Week 2017

Elements of Surprise

Hardemann by Trendpit

After visiting several shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam 2017, we noticed certain contrasts and elements of surprise as the main theme throughout the weekend. We saw all kinds of combinations and collaborations that might not be a good fit at first glance, but because of the element of surprise, they are just the right ingredients for a great show.

Friday started with the show of designer Saskia ter Welle. Her collection contained loads of contrasts, there were pieces that were very flowy, soft and feminine, but always with an edge caused by a certain accessory like an aviator hat or jacket. Other pieces were mostly tough and edgy, but the consistent theme was the delicate art of broidery. A striking fact is that Saskia is also the oldest ‘young’ talent to grace the stage of MBFW.

Saskia ter Welle by Trendpit

At Disney’s Beauty & The Beast show, we saw six young design talents showing a dress based on the new movie. What we saw here again were outfits characterised by the contrast of the fairy tale side of Beauty Belle and the dark side of The Beast. Besides this, the most peculiar thing is that these young designers choose to collaborate with such a commercial brand as Disney. A certain shift is seen at MBFWA, where collaborations between different disciplines are encouraged.

Disney by Trendpit

Act! Cut! Play! is an example of mixing ingredients too. This is an interdisciplinary talent development project with the goal of taking fashion films to a higher level. Three teams each containing a fashion designer, theatre maker and filmmaker, premiered their fashion films at the Westerunie.

Act! Cut! Play! by Trendpit

Hardeman was the fourth show we attended that approached fashion in a multidisciplinary way. Sophie Hardeman premiered her collection with the fashion film ‘ WHERE THE GRASS IS GREENER’ in collaboration with Emma Westenberg. With this film, her collection becomes more than just clothing, but will be eternalized with the accompanying fairy tale.

To quote Aynouk Tan at Disney’s Beauty & The Beast show; ‘Fashion is first and foremost about the fairy tale, before it’s about real fashion’. Maybe, these interdisciplinary collaborations are needed to give more depth to this fairy tale as a new way to excite the senses of the public. These contrasting collaborations can also be surprising and inspiring, and create new ways for designers to express themselves and their collections. Is it possible the existence of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam and fashion designers is dependent on these kinds of collaborations?

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