Fashion Week 2017

Celebrating DiverCity

Liesbeth Sterkenburg by Trendpit

We live in the 21th century, but still there are things happening that do not belong in a modern society. AIRBNB-owners refuse tenants because of their skin colour and gay-couples get bashed when they walk around town. If you read the news it is (still) all about racism, discrimination and violence. Why is it so hard to accept diversity? Thank God for the Amsterdam FashionWeek, where diversity is celebrated!

Diversity in the city is shown in many ways during the Mercedes Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam. Designers took inspiration from the diversity of people living in cities to the catwalk.

Liesbeth Sterkenburg by Trendpit

Liesbeth Sterkenburg by Trendpit

Young designer Liesbeth Sterkenburg brought the New York Bronx streestyle to the MBFWA runway. Instead of darkness and violence, she gave the gangs of New York a new creative and inspiring image. She dressed the ‘gangsters’ like painters. With their belt made out of brushes, they can colour the city. Instead of criminality, Sterkenburg shows us the creative and positive influence of these people on the New York culture.

Juliette Heijnen by MBFWS

Juliette Heijnen by MBFWS

Juliette Heijnen used a lot of unique models with their own personality on the catwalk. Her collection COEXIST is all about accepting fellow human beings. ‘Faith is there to love and respect fellow human beings. I wanted to show how this can transform in a world were boundaries fade and we accept each other, even if we don’t think alike’. The city of Rotterdam was an inspiration for this collection. Elements of this multicultural city were shown in the streetstyle silhouettes and comfortable designs. The models were decorated with elements like piercings, tattoos, jewellery and scarves that represented their sub-cultural identity.

Where other Fashionweeks are criticised for the lack of dark skinned models, they were a great inspiration for the Dutch designers at the MBFWA. All kinds of models, in different shapes, colours and sizes were seen on the runway. And the most special part was that they were not just there to be a model, they were on the runway because of their unique identity and personality, shown through the looks they wore.

Bas Kosters by Trendpit

Bas Kosters by Trendpit

Bas Kosters opened the Amsterdam Fashionweek with a show that celebrated the little things in life. With a fanfare, actors and a Schlager singer Bas Kosteres opened the Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Amsterdam. With his show, he showed us that even the tiniest, seemingly insignificant things are still worthy to celebrate. The collection ‘My Paper Crown’ is an ode to inclusivity and having an open mind. With an over the top show, Bas let us forget about daily life, but still teach us an important lesson; let’s celebrate our DiverCity!

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