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  • Claes Iversen by Trendpit
    Fashion Week Fashion Week 2016


    This year, MBFWA seemed to operate in a whole new dimension. Instead of emphasising luxury and status, designers followed a new path. No goodie bags, or fancy invitations, but an accent…

  • Mick Keus by Team Peter Stinter
    Fashion Week Fashion Week 2016

    Flaunt those flaws

    During fashionweek identity was everything. Mick Keus, Esther Haamke, Happy Andrada and Goldwell all showed different perspectives on this subject. There was an interesting correlation between identity and individuality. Key question: how do…

  • Hotel Brave Monday by Team Peter Stigter
    Fashion Week Fashion Week 2016

    Fashion as a blank page

    The fashion industry still has some sides we’d rather not think about: the way fashion is produced, what’s leftover and how our relation with clothing develops. Also, the chaotic and hasty…

  • Duran Lantink x Jan Hoek - dreams of transsexuals by Trendpit
    Fashion Week Fashion Week 2016

    Start living

    How do you feel at this moment? We invite you to start living your own life. Fear is a big aspect in life that can determine the decisions we make, like…

  • tessvanzalinge
    Fashion Week Fashion Week 2016

    Be proud

    How can we survive in a world where fear and threatening are everyday subjects? This theme was an important one this fashion week. During this MBFWA there were different designers asking themselves…


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