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Fashion Week 2016

  • Les Soeurs Rouges by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2016

    A filter for everyday life

      The world around us spins and spins and so many stimuli come our way every day. Sometimes breaking loose of old routines and bad influences is a necessary thing to…

  • The Next Day by Peter Stigter
    Fashion Week 2016

    Emancipation of all minorities.

    The world has many different kind of cultures, that bring different kind of perspectives with it. Some are easy to understand and some difficult. How do these cultures and ideas fit…

  • ILKECOP by Peter Stigter
    Fashion Week 2016

    Architects of diversity

    Short or tall, skinny or not that skinny, dark or light. Diversity in society causes a lot of issues. But lately it seems stronger then ever. Racism, discrimination and violence have…

  • Dennis Diem by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2016

    Different looks on feminism

    There is a difference in how women like to dress nowadays, what they feel comfortable in and how people think they want to be dressed. During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam’s…

  • 65 years of bilateral relations by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2016

    Inside designers’ minds

    With the audience’s changing look on fashion, the designers change with it. This time we were invited to take a closer look at what it takes to design fashion. Juliëtte Heijnen,…

  • SUE ft. VJR Jewels by Trendpit omslagfoto
    Fashion Week 2016


    A Gesamtkunstwerk is an idealized union of art forms. Every season, Fashion Week is a place where different art forms meet. But Spring Summer ’17 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam took this…

  • Lichting Exposition by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2016

    The Dutch Dilemma

    2016 is the year of the tenth anniversary of Lichting, where young fashion graduates get a stage for their designs. The 14 best graduates of 7 design schools in the Netherlands…

  • Claes Iversen by Trendpit
    Fashion Week Fashion Week 2016


    This year, MBFWA seemed to operate in a whole new dimension. Instead of emphasising luxury and status, designers followed a new path. No goodie bags, or fancy invitations, but an accent…


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