Fashion Week 2017

Attention Please!

Schepers Bosman by Trendpit

How much value do you attach to your clothing? Nowadays we buy clothing, wear it a couple of times and throw it away without appreciation for craftsmanship and effort. “What is the meaning of clothes if we eliminate its function?” (Das Leben Am Haverkamp, 2017). We need to create more value around wearing our clothes but not only the wearing should be important. We also need to put more attention into the creation process. Designers are forced to make more and more collections in a shorter period of time. It’s on our demand, but how can we demand if we don’t value?

A variety of designers showed the function, context and attention of clothing in their own way. Das Leben Am Haverkamp is an example with their “let’s go on a quirky cruise” collection. There was diversity of models walking only covered in underpants with the 2D creations in front of their body. “What is the meaning of clothes when you eliminate its function? (Das leben am haverkamp, 2017). They want us to think about what clothing means and what the function is of clothing? Do we still see clothing as a primary need to keep us warm or is it to show how “cool” we are? We might as well take a filter and stand in our underwear, no one will notice it.

Das Leben Am Haverkamp by Trendpit

Schepers Bosman created a collection to make us re-evaluate the clothes we wear. With their timeless collection full of details and colours they wanted to create new kind of awareness. Clothes that are accepted as art but don’t lose their function. “Clothing you can’t take your eyes off, and love to wear” (Schepers Bosman, 2017). Again a designer wants you to think about its function and attention to what clothing means. You often see haute couture shows with wonderful pieces of fashion art, but they are hard to wear. They want us to see that you can combine fashion and art without losing the purpose of either of them.

Schepers Bosman by TrendpitThe collection My paper crown by Bas Kosters was also about paying attention and re-evaluating clothing. “A paper crown deserves as much attention as every other crown” (Bas Kosters, 2017). With his collection Bas wants us to put more attention in the value of people and things. He believes the function of fashion is to show your opinion to the world. The collection is made with upcycled flags and these were put in his design with lots of attention. We don’t need to make fashion fast, we need to listen to our own creative pace and take it slow.

Bas Kosters by Trendpit

These designers make us see fashion and clothing differently and force us to re-evaluate the way we think about the fashion industry. In this fast world we sometimes forget to stand still and think. Our opinion is always fast and right around the corner, without thinking its implications and consequences. Attention is the word all designers have in common, we all need to have more attention for each other, attention for functionality and attention in what we value.

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