Fashion Week 2017

A futureproof interpretation of timeless clothing

Astrid Elisee by Trendpit

The last couple of years the clothing industry has become a ‘fast-fashion’ madness. Clothing is produced faster, materials became cheaper, have a poor quality and most consumers expect something new in stores every week. But with this idea in mind, a countermovement is rising. The desire for timeless, innovative and quality clothing.

Striking this season is the quality of the clothing, use of material and the number of classic items we saw on the catwalk. Astrid Elisee showed a collection of (classic) garments that retains its beauty through the years without losing the soft and elegance feel of it. We saw jumpsuits, trousers and blouses of heavy silk that seemed rich and timeless for a real woman with a steady life and style.

Astrid Elisee by Trendpit

BOUND showed us a collection inspired by the Rude Boy, a subculture in Jamaica. Rejäan, one of the designers says that the designs are high quality and a little more expensive. The designs are timeless and not only wearable for one season. Just like the Rude Boys. They express their own unique style that’s not seasonal. The show was a timeless mix of culture, style and design.

BOUND by Trendpit

Schepers Bosman deconstruct a lot of clothing and then re-construct it into other garments. They did a lot of material research to find the right combinations of material and form without following any trend or rule. The result, a collection that showed their identity which is not seasonal.

Schepers Bosman by Trendpit

This all tells us that designers re-evaluate the meaning of clothing. They re-interpret classic items or even deconstruct garments and put them back together as a new piece. It’s innovative that they think about the essence of material, construction and the long-term life of a garment. The seasonality of the clothing industry is slowly disappearing. In their way they make a statement against multinationals like H&M or Zara. With this thought in mind, designers re-educate their costumers without being pushy or losing the vision and needs of their customer. Nowadays it’s more about finding your style and staying true to yourself. Style doesn’t have to be temporary, style can be timeless, just like the clothes you wear.

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