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  • Liesbeth Sterkenburg by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Celebrating DiverCity

    We live in the 21th century, but still there are things happening that do not belong in a modern society. AIRBNB-owners refuse tenants because of their skin colour and gay-couples get…

  • Lichting 2017 by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Popping The Fashion Bubble

    The fashion industry is changing rapidly; the speed and dynamics of collections transformed into an even higher tempo. This creates an opportunity for consumers to reinvent their visual identity and appearance…

  • Schepers Bosman by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Attention Please!

    How much value do you attach to your clothing? Nowadays we buy clothing, wear it a couple of times and throw it away without appreciation for craftsmanship and effort. “What is…

  • Goodwill by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    The commercialisation of FashionWeek

    Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek week is going through a change because the subsidy given by the municipality of Amsterdam is cancelled and MBFWA has to find its financial resources somewhere else. MBFWA is…

  • Sunanda Chandry Koning by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Reconstructing the fashion industry

    Fashion; a universal language everyone speaks. Fashion brings people together, which is a must in today’s society. It doesn’t just bring people together; this industry has a rich history and allows…

  • The Painting by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Fast fashion designers

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam aims to refocus on young talent. The last years, the event got a lot of criticism of becoming ‘too commercial.’ January 2016, 40 percent of the shows…

  • Saïd Mahrouf by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    When fashion becomes business

    Nowadays, being only a designer isn’t enough. To make it in the fashion industry you must approach your designs as an entrepreneur with a business. How you could do this? We…

  • Hardemann by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Elements of Surprise

    After visiting several shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam 2017, we noticed certain contrasts and elements of surprise as the main theme throughout the weekend. We saw all kinds of combinations…


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