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  • Goodwill by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    The commercialisation of FashionWeek

    Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek week is going through a change because the subsidy given by the municipality of Amsterdam is cancelled and MBFWA has to find its financial resources somewhere else. MBFWA is…

  • Sunanda Chandry Koning by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Reconstructing the fashion industry

    Fashion; a universal language everyone speaks. Fashion brings people together, which is a must in today’s society. It doesn’t just bring people together; this industry has a rich history and allows…

  • The Painting by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Fast fashion designers

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam aims to refocus on young talent. The last years, the event got a lot of criticism of becoming ‘too commercial.’ January 2016, 40 percent of the shows…

  • Saïd Mahrouf by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    When fashion becomes business

    Nowadays, being only a designer isn’t enough. To make it in the fashion industry you must approach your designs as an entrepreneur with a business. How you could do this? We…

  • Hardemann by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Elements of Surprise

    After visiting several shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam 2017, we noticed certain contrasts and elements of surprise as the main theme throughout the weekend. We saw all kinds of combinations…

  • Tess van Zalinge by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    A message through collaboration

    What if… We work together with different companies that are not fashion related? Well, There is no longer a what if. This year we saw a lot of collaborations of fashion…

  • Edwin Oudshoorn by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Come closer

    The catwalk used to be a place of mystery. The lights go out and spotlights follow models, wearing beautiful and sometimes inexplicably abstract creations. In the blink of an eye they…

  • Das Leben am Haverkamp by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Ready for an uncertain future

    The new generation of designers seems positive about an unlimited creative future, they’re taking the stage to make a statement. But other designers seem to use this fashionweek more as a…

  • The Painting by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Hope is what we need

    There is no way to ignore it, everybody knows: The world is on fire. There are a lot of different factors playing a big part in this. The big question for…

  • SUE by Trendpit
    Fashion Week 2017

    Broken crayons still colour

    On the 20th of January, the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States took place. In the first days of his four-year term, he already generated…


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